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Harry Potter Is Moving...

Image1 Are You looking for “Harry Potter” template? Sorry for the inconvinience, because I moved the demo to this address, just click here. Before you clicking, please take your time to see this blog. I hope you’ll find what you're looking for here.

Harry Potter Black Edition II (Redesigned)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Screenshot_rz Harry Potter Black Edition is my first blogger template that I created. I realize that this template is not perfect. The design was very simple, but – I don’t know why - many people love it. Wanna proof? Just go to BlogTemplate4U.com and you’ll see how many people have downloaded this template. It reaches 1725 and it’s still increasing. Recently, I found a very powerful tools to create template called Artisteer 2 and I’ve been using it since.

Those are the 2 reasons why I decided to redesign the Harry Potter Black Edition, and the result is amazing. Please compare these two templates from the screenshots shown below:

Harry Potter Black Ed. (Original)

Harry Potter Black Ed. II (New)

harry-screenshot Screenshot_rz

Type : Blogspot type XML
Name : Harry Potter Black Edition
Designer : Free Tips 4U
Added : 23rd May 2009
Properties : 3 columns, fixed width, black
Features : -
Demo : Click here!
Download : HarryPotter.rar

Type : Blogspot type XML
Name : Harry Potter Black Edition II
Designer : Free Tips 4U
Added : 27th Dec. 2009
Properties : 2 columns, fixed width, black
Features : -
Demo : Click here!
Download : HarryPotter2.rar

So, which one do you like? It’s your decision to make. And do not hesitate to download and use it as long as you agree to our Term of Use. And please give your critics, suggestion, comment or even question to us. Thanks.


Blogger Template : MagzStyle Rounded

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Hi, we meet again. Today I will share a litte bit of my exciting experience. Well, I have a new ‘toys’ to play with. It’s fun and it helps me making template easier and faster. It called Artisteer 2, an amazing tool for making template or theme – blogger, wordpress, joomla, even drupal. It’s easy to use and it’s WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). With lots of ready-to-use templates or themes. If you interested to try this software you can visit the site at this address http://www.artisteer.com. You can download the trial version on their site.
Now, to give you proof that this software is amazing I give you a free blogger template called MagzStyle Rounded. It was created with Artisteer 2. I made 3 version : Basic with 2 column, Advance with 2 column and 3 colum under header, and – the last one – is Pro, like Advance plus 3 column on the footer. So, please feel free to download and use this. But, remember not to remove or change the credit link at footer and inside the .XML file.
Type : Blogspot type XML
Name : MagzStyle Rounded
Designer : Free Tips 4U
Added : 14th Dec. 2009
Properties : 2 columns (basic), 3 columns (advance and pro), fixed width, brown
Features : multi columns for advance and pro
Demo : Click here!
Download : Template_rounded.rar

Blogger Template : Superhero

Finally, I can finish this template. Due to very busy at work, it’s difficult for me to ‘steal’ spare time to be on-line. Thus, I do blog walking rarely. I apologize if anyone has visited my blog but I have not visited you yet. Hopefully with the launch of this Superhero template can ‘heal’ your disappointment.
The idea of making this template is I love comic books about superheroes, like Superman, Batman, Captain America, and others. And I'm sure many of you who also love the 'superhero' which I mentioned earlier.
This header of this template is an animation so it looks interesting. I also keep the slide show feature which I adapted from Mahusay template which is created by FreeBloggerTemplate. Please see the
demo here, and please give your comments and critics – all welcome.


Type : Blogspot template  XML
Name : Superhero 
Designer :
Free Tips 4U 
Added : 14 November 2009 
Properties : 3 columns, fixed width, black, grey, with animation header

 slide-show and author boxes under header & 3 columns on the bottom   
Advertising boxes

Demo : Click Here! 
Download : Template_Superhero.rar 

You may download and use my template freely as long as you agree to the User Agreement.

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